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Commercial Door Hardware NJ

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Scott Kramer 609-503-4052    

Email: [email protected]

Access Control

Commercial Door Hardware

Magnet Locks

Variety of models for single doors. 1200 lb. holding force for exterior (perimeter) doors. 600 lb. holding force for interior traffic control. 300 lb. micro-mags for cabinets, gun lockers, or other restricted space applications. Wide range of mounting brackets available. 12/24V operation.

Double Door Magnet Lock

For double door installations. 600 lb. and 1200 lb. basic models, or with convenient built-in timer and lock status sensor (bond sensor).

Key Switch Surface Box

Switch boxes are heavy duty key switches designed for outdoor use. Supplied with a sealed cast aluminum surface mount box, with a 1/2” threaded conduit opening for pipe or pedestal mounting. For use with standard 1”- 1 1/4” mortise cylinders (sold separately) Optional LED's.

Camden Narrow Style
Key Switch

These heavy duty cast aluminum faceplate key switches are only 1 3/4” wide, and are perfect for mounting in door jambs, or other space-restricted areas. For use with standard 1” - 1 1/4” mortise cylinders (sold separately). Optional LED's. Choice of switch configurations.

CM 2000 - $111.80 ea.

Camden Locking Push Switch

Camden's CM-6000 series is ideal for lock-out or emergency applications. Once pushed, the button latches, and cannot be reset unless the key is inserted and turned in the center locking cylinder. Oversized 2 3/8” red button (black on request) supplied with a heavy-duty single gang cast faceplate.

CM 6000 – $208.00 ea.

Camden Keypads

These light/medium duty models are primarily designed for interior traffic control applications, or for controlling access to equipment or machinery. CM-8PS is extremely compact and illuminated (fluorescent). CM-120IS/OS models fit into single gang, in-wall boxes. CM-500SK has a modern, attractive design, and can control up to 500 users.

CM 120IS – $161.20 ea.

Camden Narrow Style Vandel Resistant Keypad 

Vandal resistant models, with separate electronics for increased security. 100 user codes. Surface jamb mount or attractive square design. Fully potted stainless steel housings. 12/24V AC/DC operation. Auxiliary keypad may be added for in/out operation on the same door.

CM 100SN – $520.00 ea.

Camden Mushroom
Exit Switch

CM-400 Mushroom Exit Switches are rugged and attractive request-to-exit buttons that feature 18 gauge staainless steel faceplates and a complete range of button sizes, button colors, activation types and contact options.

CM 400/1 – $93.60 ea.

Camden Mushroom Handicap Exit Switch

CM-5000 series palm switches feature an oversized 2 3/8” button, mounted on a heavy-duty cast aluminum faceplate. Available in numerous button colors and engravings. Various switch configurations including pneumatic time delay. Spring return, push/pull, and push/turn to release models.,

CM 5000 – $122.10 ea.

Camden Square Illuminated Switch

CM-30 Series are high visibility illuminated buttons which can be supplied with either standard incandescent bulbs or super bright, ultra-long life LED's. Large 2” square buttons, with PUSH TO EXIT, or wheelchair logo.

CM 30E – $78.00 ea.

Camden All Active 4-1/2” Square Push Switches

 All-Active Switches require minimal actuation force and meet ADA standards. Constructed from stainless steel or solid brass, with a choice of faceplate designs and finishes. All models feature Camden's exclusive buffed finish, durable 4 stud switch mount design, rubber dampers for smoother actuation and quiet operation.

CM 46-1 (Plain Face) – $143.00 ea.

CM 46-2 (Wheelchair Logo, Blue) – $156.00 ea.

CM 46-3 (Push to Open, Black) – $156.00 ea.

CM 46-4 (Wheelchair / Push to Open, Blue) – $156.00 ea.

Hunter HA-8 Automatic Door Opener

The HA-8 automatic door operator is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a physically challenging environment. It is a perfect choice for new and existing buildings that must meet today's requirements and tomorrow's needs for the physically challenged.

HUNTER HA-8 – $2,100.00 ea.

FAAC 950BM Automatic Door Opener

The FAAC 950 BM (FAAC’s best-selling door opener) is a silent and stylish swing door opening and closing unit that is reliable, safe, and suitable for hands-free and handicapped access. This model has a pushing articulating arm which is for frame mounting on outswing doors or door mounting on inswing doors. The FAAC 950 BM model is a spring-based system.

FAAC 950BM uses a spring for closure.

FAAC 950 BM Specifications:

  • 115VAC
  • 100 Watts of Absorbed Power
  • Continuous Duty
  • 24VDC Motor
  • Anti-Crushing Device
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Opens From 70 Degrees to 95 Degrees
  • Pause Time Adjustable Between 1 and 30 Seconds
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Automatic or Manual Opening
  • Pushing action for FRAME Mounting and Outswing Use OR Door Mounting and Inswing Use

FAAC 950BM – $2,100.00 ea.

Camden Transformers

CM CX-TRP4012 (12VAC Plug-In) $57.20

CM CX-TRP4016 (16VAC Plug-In) $31.20

CM CX-TRP2024 (24VAC Plug-In) $52.00

        CM CXTRN2024 (24VAC Nipple Mount) $46.80

Camden 42” High Mounting Posts

Our mounting posts are solid, 42” high aluminum extrusions, and are available with several anodized finishes and switch preps. All switch styles fit in these 6” square bollards. Acrylic cap enables use with
RF controls.

CM 42-BSU-CLR (Mounting Post Alum.) – $494.00 ea.

CM 42-BSU-BRZ (Mounting Post Bronze) – $532.00 ea.

Camden All-Active 6” Round Switches

All-Active Switches require minimal actuation force and meet ADA standards. Constructed from stainless steel or solid brass, with a choice of faceplate designs and finishes. All models feature Camden's exclusive buffed finish, durable 4 stud switch mount design, rubber dampers for smoother actuation and quiet operation.

CM 60/1 (Plain Face) – $143.00 ea.

CM 60/2 (Wheelchair Logo) – $156.00

CM 60/3 (Push to Open) – $156.00

CM 60/4 (Wheelchair/Push to Open) – $156.00

Garage Momentary Key Switch

    • Open your garage door without a remote!
    • Great for working around the yard, guests and children to access the home.
    • Eliminates forgetting your P.I.N
    • Key switch has lexan plastic barrel.
    • Mounting plate dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 5/8”.
    • Supplied with 4 nails, 2 keys.
    • May be keyed in Pairs with D-2
    • Also Available in 2 position KS-1C

      RK KS-1 – $13.90 ea.

Domino Garage Door Keypad

The Domino Garage Door Keypad provides today's busy families with a quick and easy method for garage entry. Designed to work with all garage door openers, the Domino Garage Door Keypad is always available - kids don't have to remember a key and adults won't have to worry about carrying a transmitter ever again. Your personal code is easy to set and change - only ten seconds. The Domino Keyless Entry is lighted so you can easily see numbers at night.

DM SC-DG1 – $77.90 ea.

Domino Entry Door Electric Strike Keypad

The Domino Entry Door Electric Strike Keypad (SC20) is an exterior/interior keypad system designed to control access on doorways equipped with an electric strike or magnetic lock.

The SC20 is used wherever multi-code, variable timing (including latch), and normally open or closed outputs are required. The lighted keypad is terminated with an RJ11 plug. The control module has terminals for the other electrical connections. Power requirements are 12-24VAC/DC.

Features Include:

          • “Constant” or “on-demand”
            lighted keypad
          • Remote push button terminals on
            control module
    • 5 amp capacity relays
    • 20 user codes
    • Keypad programming

DM SC-20

Commercial Hardware